new template yay :)

It was just one of those days, when I have too much time in my hands and blogging is all I want to do.

And the pink flirty template I previously used for this blog suddenly seems so out-of-date and too flirty; not exactly the image I wanted this blog to potray. Besides, using custom-made templates is always confusing especially for HTML-dummy like me. I don't have a clue how to edit the 'edit' page on the template, and it's one of the things that drove me crazy.

So, back to square one. Simple, easy-to-use, self-design blogger template and I'm happy again :)
Old template on iPhone.
New template on iPhone.

Less is always more. Tell me if you like it!

Me : So what do you think of the new template?
Him : OK. But the round things look like big eyes they scared me.



  1. yg gambar new template on iphone tu ko pakai sluar pattern zebra ke.. haha

  2. spotted zebra-patterned leggings! =))

  3. basha, tu legging name die. haha ;)

    thank you anon! :)

    amirah, yes. wore only inside my house, unfortunately. haha :)

  4. hahahahaha senget ni ngokngek lah! ade ke mcm mata hahahaha

    oh lupa. simple n nice. i like. tetibe rase blog aku serabuttttt

  5. tu lah pasal, die memang grrr. HAHA.

    btw i cannot comment at ur blog :( kenape ek? sedihh tak boleh bebel hahaha.

  6. eh usooooo!!!!!

    nape aku tgk ade je org komen2

    ke ko bukan tujukan kt aku haha

    malu nih

  7. tula, org lain boleh je komen. nanti aku try lagi. tujukan kat kau laaa haha ;)



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