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great shoes take you to great places.

Fans of Hana Yori Dango would remember this quote by Shizuka Todo,
"Girls should always wear the best shoes, because they will take you to great places."
At the moment I remember letting out a gasp of astonishment, as I've always loved her. Not more than I love Tsukushi though, but her air of elegance is unmistakable.

I know I swore not to shopping anymore (for this month) but these flats were bought last month, in Tokyo. I SWEAR.

I know it looks so simple and bo-ring, but I'm loving this flats big time! It's simple, no-fuss, has a little cute bow at the front, and this is a solid proof that vintage-looking material would always find its way to my heart.

I like statement heels cause they will draw the attention from your head to toe and turn the whole outfit into such classy look, but for flats, less is always more. At least for me.

Sadly, after spending one whole day walking in these, I went home with a big severe pain in my toes.


I think my feet are betraying me. Or resenting me too much for wearing heels all the time, so they decided to give me this painful sore foot pain and rub me in the face.

I get it if my feet hurts too much from heels..but flats too? Seriously. We can't win, can we?

At least now I have my see-my-feet-still-hurts-even-wearing-flats excuse so he can't lecture me for wearing heels all the time anymore :D

(flats from Forever 21)


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