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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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summer heat.

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
- Russel Baker.

Summer is taking its toll on us here in Japan. 

Apparently summer heat + rainy days + extreme weather change = disaster. I read somewhere in Japan Times a few days ago that a lot of Japanese, particularly the elders are having a difficult time dealing with the heat, which increases the heatstroke and the officers spoke yesterday that the number of death has increased since summer starts. Apparently the elders refused to turn on the air-cond because of the high bill rate; they would rather stay cool in the tradtional way hence the increase of heatstroke.

So, people. For the sake of your health, turn on your air-cond even just for a few hours.

I would usually go home every afternoon to have lunch, so my hands are all tanned now thanks to the afternoon sun. No, not the sexy-American-tan way. I wish I have 10 bottles of sunblock -_-

Anyway, this is the month my super important stuffs have decided to betray me. My favorite lipstick is running out, my last pair of contact lenses is starting to give my eyes itchi-ness, the syampoo I've been using since forever is running out and there's no stores here that supply them (boo Hiroshima) and I have to buy a new mascara :( What's up with August, exactly?!

Sad, sad lipstick :(

And I seriously need to get a manicure. Sofya (my Indonesian friend, she's so cool) asked me last weekend to accompany her to get a new haircut and color since she doesn't know any good salon around here, but I had to do some things so I couldn't go. Am feeling so bad now.

And why, oh WHY every nail salon around here is closing down their stores?! I honestly remembered a few good ones closed to my house but a few days ago when I passed by, they're no longer there. And instead there are lots of "workshops" being made. Seriously, know your audience! -_-

Oh well, time for good magazines. Everyone knows summer's magazines are the best.

P/S : To those in Japan, you can check out the hot drugstore finds for quick cool-downs, so many cool stuffs I've never seen before! Though I doubt that Hiroshima has them.


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