first handmade bracelet :)

I went to this store selling beads, textiles and sewing items yesterday to look for things to buy for my mum. I initially thought I could get her nice Japanese textiles there to make baju kurung as she wanted something 'Japanese' but I don't think I can get her any more Noritake-like plates or Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts hehe. (yeah, I gave her HRC T-shirt the last time I went back, and she's loving it! So cool, my mum)

No, I didn't find anything. The textiles there are nice, but just don't look like the ones she'd like..pfft.

BUT, the beads there are..awesome.

They sell like tons of different kinds of beads and strings for handmade accessories, and they're so gorgeous! I wanted to take pictures of them but the saleslady kept watching me. There are colorful beads, handmade accessories i.e bracelets, necklaces, rings..and some are vintage, too.

Seriously, I wonder why I've never tried making accessories before. I felt like I just died and went to heaven.

So bought some things with a thought of making one.

I've always loved the edginess of funky bracelets and charm bracelets, and if you look for the right ones (especially the ones that made of bits of old jewelry) they somehow look so vintage. They look like something you get from exotic places, which makes them even more personal and classy. Of course, colors are risky because not all bright colors can suit everyone but once you find the right colors, they can turn out to be the center point of the whole outfit.

This is my first attempt to make one, so be nice. Hehe.
It wasn't easy, I swear. But once you figure out how to start the pattern you kinda came along with it.

30 minutes later.

OK, so not that gorgeous like the ones you see in stores, BUT I MADE THIS!!! So proud :) :)

Thought of giving it to my boyfriend (I wanted to make a guy bracelet hence the black beads) but I know there's no freaking way he would wear this, so I'm keeping it.

I feel like framing it so I can show it to my grandchildrens..hehe.



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