because kindness has never gone out of fashion.

Never underestimate the strength of the humanity to navigate us through hard times.

I learned my lesson today.

Today was one of those days I find myself being mute and not caring about the world; just selfishly doing my thing without any acknowledgement about the people around. And Japanese being the most common people around me at this time; I don't think they care. I was relieved. I was happy as long as I have my phone and Twitter and this blog. Surfing internet has never felt so fulfilling.

Then the shit came.

First I fell off my bicycle on the way to school - THE. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I've never had any accident before, let alone involving a bicycle! My knee was hurt, my palm was red, so did my cheek.

Then the guy in the blue shirt came, offering to help.

I had an instant urge to cry.

I've despised them all my life; and today one of them came to me with a shining armor.

Lesson : Don't fill your heart with hatred, it's a nasty feeling. If you don't like a person don't judge by hating the whole population. Something like that.

Then I reached my lab, all red and exhausted and hurt. My desk is beside my senior's, she's the only one girl among my seniors, and she has always been nice to me. As soon as she saw me she was concerned; asking why my face is all red and what happened to my hands and why my jeans have stains..instant urge to cry number 2.

Then when I was about to go home, my other senior offered to send me (he knows about my 'tragic' bicycle accident) but I just didn't feel like being in the car with him alone so I told him I'm fine.

So maybe you had a not-so-nice experience with them before, but that doesn't mean all of them are the same. Sometimes deep inside the humanity is still there; despite we being the outsiders.

I believe that if we're nice to people, they'd always be nice back to us.
If they don't, consider it as a challenge. So we can be the bigger person and learn.

Sometimes even a smile and 'hello' can make a person's day a lot brighter :)
"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectations of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day, someone might do the same for you."

- Princess Diana.


  1. lol.
    marilah bersangka baik zatil.

  2. i like this one.
    we should learn to stop judging the whole community if we want them to stop judging all muslims are terrorist and scary.

  3. Here's a random act of kindness you can do - brought right to your blog!

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  4. thanks zatil for sharing this.

    reminder for myself too bila bace post nih.sbb mmg xske gila ngan nihonjin..erm maybe xske bkn the right word,ape yek...aaaa penat kot.penat ngan dierg so bila gi lab tgk muke dierg rase nyampah walopon xde la dierg wat papepon.apetah lg bln pose nih,keseorgn plak tuh(bdk msia len abes blk),cepat jek naik angin.

    "I believe that if we're nice to people, they'd always be nice back to us."
    tu sbb kot dierg pon cam nyampah kat aku sbb aku punya nyampah kat dierg.

    jatuh bicycle kesiannya...seb bek la muke cantik zatil xcalar.

  5. @kak sha : lets :))

    @izzat laila : OMG that is so true.

    @anon : i totally get the feeling. sbb tgh go thru with it jugak, esp bulan puasa! mencabar iman takyah cakapla kan. diorg tak buat ape pun pdhl. dugaan bulan puasa kot :)

    haha jatuh basikal je pun cte mcm dah accident ;) tapi sakit, serious. hehe.



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