the horror.

My brother has officially reached a new level of weird-ness.
First, he now has a Facebook account.

I mean, seriously. Why can't all the little brothers in the world NOT grow up and stay their little cute self forever?! Yeah sounds silly I know..but I'd very much prefer the younger little brother who I used to play video games with, even though we fought every other minute back then. Of course I was the one who picked the fight first, but that is not the point. 

Now they're all "grown up" and have 157 friends on Facebook. Sigh. 

And I have to set new custom settings for my photo albums now.

Secondly, it's even more horrifying when they know how to use the message section on Facebook to message your boyfriend "to take good care of you". 


I was beyond terrified when the boyfriend told me, but am thankful that he's not the freakout type. I mean, other guys would've dumped me right now.

But on the other hand, I am actually touched at the fact that my little brother is worrying about me.

He's not the feel-y type of person; God knows if he's sad or disappointed because he never showed his real emotions to us. Well, except if he's mad, THAT we'd know. But not love. He would act all tough and strong, but I know whenever he had to send me to the airport, he would have this expression on his face that tells me he's lonely. I'm the closest sibling to him; I know he hates it when he doesn't have anyone to fight with. My eldest sister is pregnant now and my second sister is working in KL, so he's left alone at house with my mum. It kills me everytime when I call home and we talk because I heard sadness in his laughing voice.

I'm glad that he's actually growing up now and starting to feel responsible to his sisters; hence the message to the boyfriend.

As hard as it is for me to admit it, he did the right thing.

Thank God Shahrul is cool.



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