cheese bread therapy.

I'm a very busy woman. Nowadays I have to stay at the lab till 8 pm before I can go home, for the sake of keeping my lecturer happy and also thanks to the mountain of workloads I have.

That's why I've lost weight so much lately; my eating schedule has been a bizarre..I would sometimes just skip dinner and go straight to bed. And waking up with an empty stomach, but just can't be bothered to eat anything because I have to rush to the lab before 10.30/11 am.

So when I discovered this new super-easy-to-make bread recipe, I'm practically over the moon.

The super simple cheese bread.

Seriously, this baby tastes better than it looks. Especially if you're a cheese lover like me :D

Just take a slice of bread, put a slice of cheese on top of it, bake in oven at 500 W for 5-10 minutes. I've tried 1000 W at 2-3 minutes, not good. Completely burnt.

So simple, but you won't believe the smell..soooo good I always end up making 2-3 slices :D And by all means, eating it with sweet condensed milk is HEAVEN.

Shahrul won't let me eat this everyday, because he doesn't like sugar. Apparently opposite attracts..pfft.


  1. @the almighty me : haha i appreciate that :">

    @fatima : it is!! try it :)

  2. this looks so good!

  3. it is..i cant get enough of this, i eat it on daily basis! my belly is in a big trouble.



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