education,can i have some space?

So this is what I did, the whole day today.

This thing you see here consists of a hydrocyclone, temperature control device, mixture dispenser, bla bla..I still haven't recognize each and every single thing yet.

I won't bore you with the lesson, just click here if you ever want to know about hydrocyclone.

Reached home at 7 pm today, and from now on I'm gonna have to get used to going to lab when the sun still shines and having a heart attack of how fast time flies when going out of the lab and it's pitch black. 

This is my life for the next 11 months.

From these few weeks, I realized that I've overestimated the amount of control and knowledge I would have over the whole process of my research. I learned so quickly that while the lecturers and senpais will often pretend they care for your input, this isn't necessarily the case. And that it seems like nodding and saying "I understand" is much less dangerous in most situation. And that showing up early is "polite" for the guys but "necessary" for the girls. That staying at your table for 4 hours straight doesn't count as productive.

Sorry, ranting calls.


  1. don't give up,it's only the beginning.
    i knw u can do it!gud luck girl=)



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