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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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lazy-hazy lab days.

After nearly two weeks being at the lab from 10 am to 4 pm (3 pm, mostly, for the lazy days), these are the things I do to kill time; apart from learning how to do experiments on cyclone, making graphs, calculating numbers etc :

1) Finishing up the novels - I'm done with 3 books already! *clap*clap*

2) Reading Dr. M's famous blog - I've always wanted to read his blog since my boyfriend who's a number one fan of Dr. M has been nagging me about it; about how much knowledge you can soak up from his excellent writing, how he's been the most influential person even on the net, etc; so I decided to take a look. I'm not into politics, so I only read the global-related issues and left out the Malaysian politics-related issues. I'm still on the first page. 

3) Playing Bejeweled on the phone - I'm obsessed with this particular game for centuries; the best companion

4) Reading news on Yahoo (yawnn)

5) Going back and forth from my lab to my friend's lab - hers is on the second floor while my lab is on the third floor; but distance never kept us from seeing each other; the senpais must think we're twins or something. 

6) Exploring my own lab's computer - the poor lad has been there since last year so it's not Windows 7 or anything like that, but not that bad either. My lab partners got themselves brand new ones with Windows 7 pfft..I knew these people are so sexist (since I'm the only one girl amongst the four of us)

Seriously, even with all these I still have lots of free time to kill since we're not starting our lab's work yet. Usually by 2 pm I'm already itching to go home, waiting for the cue from the senpais. 

And this is me by 3 pm.


  1. dah msk lab??congratess!!

    -salam dari tokyo

  2. thank youu :)

    and thanks for reading this blog!


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