soubetsukai 2010.

Yesterday we hosted the annual Soubetsukai (Farewell Party) for our 4th year students who've just graduated from Hiroshima University and completed their degree.

So CONGRATULATIONS!!! Bear in mind you're so lucky you are now free from Japan's ridiculous academic system. Hehe. If my lecturers are reading this I'm so dead.

The ceremony was supposed to start at 4.30 pm, but Malaysians take no words as it is so we only managed to get everyone on their seat by 5.30 pm. Yess an hour late. I'm never underestimating Japan's work ethic ever again.

The ceremony was nice :) Though it felt weird being the one not being all busy monitoring the ceremony like previous years. Indicating yeah we're now the third year students so it's not our job anymore. It felt weird. But the 2nd years; Sarah, Adi, Norita, Adi, Nazu and Mun did well :) So proud of you!

1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years..I feel so old :-/

Speech from the graduates
Speech from the PMH's President
Everything about yesterday was nice, except the fact that I went home and had a fever. Pffft. And the headache, swelling throat and running nose are still here till now. NICE.



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