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so this was my day.

Just finished submitting one report after, like, 4 times and had 2 meetings with sensei.
Something made me wonder. Everywhere I turn to. Can't we just be neutral to each other? We don't have to be all friendly, just a simple nice attitude would do. Why can't we all just get along?

Regardless everything.


Anyways. Today I had no class but I still had to go to the uni to see the lecturer and submit the report - yea I'm not kidding when I say I had to see him 4 times before he bloody signed it. Marvelous. Saw the comel TA and he said hi :D HAHAHA OK no I'm just kidding..he's so sweet he says hi to everyone, seriously. In the afternoon went to the cafe to meet my labmates, all 3 of them. They said hi but I can see smirk in their eyes, as usual. Oh except for Sawada, he's a sweetheart. 

Went to sensei's room, got ready for the meeting for 5 minutes. He called us in. Went in and had a 1-hour interview about the lab experiment we did 3 weeks ago. Not very successful, I must say. Had so many awkward moments when sensei asked and nobody answered. More awkward when he asked me and I can't answer. I think he should cut overseas students some slack. Again, why can't we all just get along?

After the meeting went to the library to complete another report. Submitted. Another meeting on Monday.

So as far as I know, I have 3 meetings next week. And a report to be submitted.

I think I need this.


  1. hahaha that is one bigass pizza!:P

  2. woah..sensei zatil cam kibishii yek..siap ade meeting2 sume..mendounyer

    dulu penah kene submit 2 report sekali n disbbkan satu report tuh xreti satuhape...kousatsu xwat langsung pon...sensei maybe xcheck kot sbb xkene wat blk report tuh n result jikken kuar ok jek =D
    lucky gila...

    err rasecam nak telan piza gak skang nih...

  3. tula kibishii gilee.tak paham.
    kousatsu lagi la,buat pun kalau salah slagi tak betul tak goukaku.grrr -_-

    nasib baik dah nak hbs dh sem ni :D

  4. mmg kibishii(*_*) benci...haha..

    btw, TA mane yg cute tue?
    ade ke bdak cute kat cnie? hehehe...
    sawada? ehmmm...cakap lembut jer kan!
    lucky ler satu group ngan dier =)

    btw, petang td pon org nmpk awak n group awk masuk bilik sensei...kite gelak jer dari jauh ;) hehehe..ganbare!!!

  5. ALAMAKK KANTOIIII hehehehehe :D

    bkn sy je tau,sue pun kate TA tu comel.hehehe.nnt la bgtau *blushed* haha

    tulaa byk ckp ngan die je,sbb die ckp sng faham sket.baik plak tu.

    hehe yeke,tak sabar dah nak hbs mendan ni isk -_- ganbarimasu :)


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