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i'm gonna be the coolest aunt ever.

I got a message from my sister last night, telling me the greatest news in the universe.

OMGGG I'm soo happy!!!!
(I was bragging about it on twitter last night, so practically everyone in my twitter list has already knew..this post is kinda late, but wtf)
For a moment I just cannot believe my ears, my mind was thinking "how the hell would she carry the baby in her tummy, she's wayy too small!!!" because seriously, if you've met her you'd know what I'm talking about. She's smaller than me, for heaven's sake.

But quoting my mum "I was smaller than you when I was younger but I gave birth to you girls just fine" pfffft.

I'm so happy for her. I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!! *cries* I feel like an adult..sniffs.

I can't believe in 8 months my sister will have the little version of her coming out of her stomach. Or the little version of brother in law. Their kid is gonna be gorgeous with her baby face and brother in law's fair skin, I know.

Now I want one of my own...sigh.


  1. I read ur last sentence and it made me wanna laugh.Lol

    I remember a friend of mine saying that sentence bcos babies are too cute of somethg. The boyfie heard what she said, and replied, 'when? like right now? i don't mind'
    Lol, that guy is funny.

    Again, Acik Atil, congratz! :)

  2. i knowww!!!
    still cant believe she's married, let alone imaginin her carryin a baby...@_@


  3. oke sowi 1st sbb gelak baca komen kt ats nih haaha

    atil!!! congratz~
    aku dah ade 2 anak buah ni hah
    hari2 tgk akak aku update gambo die kt blog
    sgt comel
    n ia akn buat ko xsaba2 nk blk setiap kali cuti. trust me!

  4. pena : HAHAHAHAH okkk thats what the boyf said to me too,something like that.hahahah pfft men..
    hehe thank you again pena! :)

    kak una : i know righttt!!!still cannot believe this..omg..imagine what pak njang pak lang mak ngah feel about this..we're still like kids to them kan?hahah

    ckyn : 2 org?? bestnye!!aku baru first ni excited gle haha..tulaa hopefully ok la cause im really no good with kids.hehehe.tapi dgn anak saudara mesti ok pnye kan? :D
    thank you ckyn! :)

  5. CONGRATS!!!!
    hahaha phm perasaan excited tuh.:)
    ckyn ade 2.ak ade 6org ;) dis year bakal tambah 2org lg insyaALLAH. *hahah hal ni pon nak berlagak*

    tatau la aunt zatil akn jd camni ke time ade 1st anak buah jek excited gila pastu yg len rase bese jek.rase hepi ade la tp xse-excited yg 1st.n percayelah duet akn abes BYK digunekn utk beli brg anak la baju la.dah la brg bdk mmg mahal.nnti kalo duet aunt zatil abes bermang2..itu adelah normal.rindu xsaba jumpe dierg pon ade nnti.

    haha mmg pelik kan camne org2 yg bdn kecik leh ade baby dlm perut.kakak ak pon bdn kecik gila.even time sarat pregnant 9 bln berat bdn die 49kg jek.aku yg xpregnant nih lg berat.

    kawen cepat la zatil br bole ade zatil jr. :) *insyaAllah ade la xlame lg*

    i bet u're gonna be aunt yg sgt cool :)

    semoga ur sister n her kandungan sehat.Amin.

    *rase sgt hepi time tulis komen nih.sbb teringat my own anak buahs n experiences*
    so,sori sbb terlebey pnjg

  6. 6?? ramainya!!!ptt la hbs bermang2..hahah hbslaa duit lps ni -_-

    tula,i hope bile dtg yg 2nd tu still excited la jgk.sbb kesian yg lps2 tu.HAHA.partly sbb im the third daughter so fhm la bile kakak yg sulung yg paling manje.tak fair!hehehe
    yup. i see how boyf spent so much time and energy and duit just sbb nak beli baju mahal2 utk anak2 buah pfft.

    49kg?? -_- my sister's weight now is prolly 37kg,not even 40!imagine la bile die pregnant nnt.

    haha insyaAllah,pray for me ;) harapnye sume sehat,insyaAllah.Amin.
    thanks for sharing :) haha sure pelik sbb post ni overexcited plak HAHA :)

  7. yea at least kak ni is showin to them how grownup we are gonna be lol

    haha dun worry i think thiS time ure gonna wonderful with the kids...its gonna be ur very own niece/nephew!

    seriously, i still cant forget ur "what the hell...???" looks when there are kids around u LOLOLOL


  8. i hope so..i hope i wont scare them away..its weird,imagine having a baby that looks a lot like kak ni in the house nanti!

    HAHHAHAHA i do have that looks dont i?? -_- kids terrify me everytime.esp during kenduri hr tu omgg i wanted to go out of the house the whole day to get away from them!hahhahah

    you should teach me how to talk to them.but no i dont do babytalk.hehehe.

  9. congrates !!kak iza pon tak sabar nak jadi aunt jugak =)

  10. hehe thank you!! :D
    haah tula kan!insyaAllah xlame lg ;)

  11. zatil,congrats.u r going to be a great aunt.


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