the big fat tyrant.

Some people keep asking me what is this report thing I keep ranting here it is.


Repeat these for like 30 times for 30 pages, add some eyebags and gallons of coffee and you're me.


  1. those r in japanese??

  2. yes.not a fun experience though,i must say.

  3. hello zatieaqmar,
    i cant help but wondering,where did u get the scarf u usually wear in the pictures?they look nice n solemn enough n very pretty..wanna get it but dunno where..

  4. hi anonymous,
    thank you :) i got them from my hometown actually,and i dont think you can find them in stores right now but if youre in kl maybe you can check out the stores around jalan TAR.not really sure though -_- i bought them in penang,if that helps.hehe.good luck! :)

  5. What is that weird looking picture u have there?

    U know what i do when I have Russian materials to read, GOOGLE TRANSLATE!
    But my head still hurts from the very weird direct translation to english.

    Im glad, that at least, I still have 50% teaching in English :P

  6. HAHAH yea it seems weird.i shouldve zoomed more ;)

    ooh i loveee google translate too!!my saviour for these 3 years..haha

    damn.lucky you.i wish they taught us in english 100% -_-

  7. jikken repoto yek zatil?
    hahah tgk pon dah rase sgt menyampahkan

    wat sendrik ke?penah try carik kat interet psl jikken nih?kdg2 ade jikken yg same ngan dai lain n ade contoh report yg siap ade mokuteki,kousatsu blehcopy n paste jek

    happy holiday =)
    dah free dr chukan n bole hepi2

  8. haah.jikken nye report. -_-

    haha ade jgk senpai pnye tp ssh jgk nak copy paste sume sbb bdk nihonjin pn ade bnde yg same,sng gile kantoi.:( klu x sng je buattttt grrrr.ssh gile la nak buat sendiri sume kan.

    happy holiday too! :)



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