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a letter to my sponsorship.

Dear Ms/Mr JPA Officer,
I am writing this letter to kindly inform you that I don't think I want to pursue my so-called lifetime ambition to study engineering and be an engineer anymore. I am sorry that I've changed my mind after these three years and only have one year left before I graduated, but I think it was a mistake to send me to Japan.

First and foremost, the reason I changed my mind is because I just realized I'm really, really bad at Japanese. My Japanese speaking ability is zero. Even if you kept me for another two years in AAJ, I'm not going to be able to master it by heart. And I really hate speaking Japanese, too. Without really knowing why. I have a problem, yes. 

Secondly, I realized a degree from local universities is not that bad either. And it's definitely not my fault, the person responsible for putting my application letter to 'Japan' 's folder is the one who should be blamed. Why, oh why can't he/she/whoeveritis put it in Australia/NZ/UK 's folder?? I think I clearly stated there in the application form 'I want to go to UK please send me there thank you very much'. What's the point of making a form and a summary test if you won't even pay attention to it?? 

Clearly I wasn't at fault.

I apologized that I have failed you, believe me I've tried. But as day goes by I am more confident than ever that I don't belong here. (Heck, I cannot even swallow a tiny piece of sushi) So please, please reconsider my request. (That is, make the uni cross my name from their list and add my name to some uni in UK, maybe) I am very grateful for the support and scholarship you've given me in these three years, and hopefully we can continue this meaningful relationship in the future, even though the outcome is slightly different from what I've signed in the contract 5 years ago.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Z. A. Othman.

P/S : Mr JPA officer, if you happen to read this, please don't take back my scholarship. I don't mean anything, seriously.


    setuju giler.aku pon rase dok sini lg 5 taun pon aku xkan master la nihongo nih..blaja omputih dr darjah 1 pon aku still tersembur2 air liur nak ckp,ni plak nihongo yg br brape taun.

    aku xbleh gune google/yahoo/utube dlm jpn.aku akn tukar ke english sbb kimoi n sakit mate.
    yg aku ske psl jpn hanye duet die yg lg besar dr duet msia n service die yg best.

  2. hahhahah!yes yes.benci gle tgk everything in japanese.tak paham jgk laa knape but i still have a problem with nihongo.tak suke tak suke.

    mslhnye japanese kan,they tend to look down upon foreigners yg tak brape nak fasih cakap japanese BUT they cannot even pronounce 'pronunciation'! -_-

  3. i have the exact same problem. i hate japan. that's the TRUTH...!
    hahahaha.... kalau la boleh tukar anta kite gi UK ke kan... *sobs*

  4. why ade org nak dtg sini eh?i dont get it -_-
    tula pasal.igtkan 3 years boleh laa nak like kan,tapi takde effect pun.haha.


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