hanging on.

I was watching Friends, Season 8 Episode 9 - The One With The Rumour.

It was the one with Brad Pitt as the guest star in the show, and the episode was about Ross and Will(Brad Pitt) reavealed they made a 'I Hate Rachel' club when they were in high school because apparently Rachel was mean towards Will and Ross, when they were in high school.

And when Rachel found out about it, she was so shocked and said, "So you guys just sit around and hate me and say mean things about me??"

I felt like it was a big fat slap in the face.

So it is never OK to say mean things about other people, or make fun of them, or simply just talking about bad things about them. It is not OK. Especially when the person has never done anything to them.

I hate to just sit here and do nothing when I know what's going on.
I hate to give in.
I hate to just shut up and let them talk, like I did before.

It never ends. It never will.

But all I can do now is walk away. I know it doesn't mean they're not wrong, it doesn't mean I give in but it kills me that I just can't do anything.

Trust me, I'd do anything to make this thing stop.

I've cried enough. I've prayed enough.

Maybe it's time to let Him do His job.

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