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gifu taikai 2009.

So last Friday I really, really needed a getaway.

After hours of convincing Sidek, Didi and Duang, we went to Gifu Taikai on Friday night :)

Finally, after all these years.

It wasn't easy to convince them, I tell you. I had to bribe them with nasi beriani, though everyone knows my beriani really is not all that..pfft. But they went along anyway. Hehe.

(Next time, I'm not going to humiliate myself and bribe them with food anymore. Seriously.)

The journey takes 5-6 hours, so we had to leave at midnight to be there by morning. We went at 11 pm, reached Gifu at about 5 am. (Explains why my face and eyes looked so puffy in the pictures..pffft) I really don't get why some people like travelling in the middle of the night..i
t was so cold even in the car, and the three of us were crammed at the back seat of the car and woke up with our backs wasn't so fun, seriously. But it was my first time going on a long distance trip with them, so it was nice :)

But regardless, the taikai was fun :) Though I was an uninvited stranger at the Nagoya team's tent most of the time, they basically just leave me alone and let me do my thing (i.e watching the game from afar) which I'm really grateful of. Thank God Ejat was there.
Thank you to those who made it possible - Sidek, Afzam, Mat, Didi and Duang. And Wawa and Ana, the girls.

So now I can rest happily knowing I've been there.


  1. zatil nmpk sweet *cam bese* dlm gamba kat taikai tuh..

    kaler pepel yek selendang tuh?kaler tuh suit u very well lah

  2. haha thank you! :)

    haah purple + pink sket kot.senang masuk je sume baju.


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