tough love.

Warning : This post contains a lot of cheesy-weezy words and expression, so please be prepared. Preferably with a plastic bag on your side. Don't say I didn't warn you.

He's going back to Malaysia tomorrow morning. That means we have less than 12 hours to talk casually on the phone without having to worry about the phone bill.

Means I won't get to talk to him 24/7 like I used to.

I know, I sound like a whiny baby. But I'm the one who has to deal with not having the one person I talk to every morning; when I woke up, when I'm done having lunch, right before dinner, after dinner, before going to sleep. Yes we talk that much I don't know how it's even possible.

So basically this is the first time we're going to experience the real long-distance relationship; even though I'd like to label us as one before.

Now you have it, woman.

It's only for like, 9 days, because I'm going to Malaysia too on the 14th. So as I think about it - I've decided to take this as a challenge. Maybe 9 days would go just like that without us realizing, who knows?

9 x 24 = 216 hours.

That's a freaking 216 hours!!

I am going to love Skype even more.

To Mr. Boyfriend - I hope you'll have a great 9 days in Malaysia when I'm not there. Just remember that I'm still stuck here, still alive and kicking, and I really mean kicking, so have a great time with your family. Without me there.

And to top it all, I still have seizu to be completed before 14th.

Omg I just remembered the time difference.
It's only 1 hour, but still.

p/s : I just read the whole entry again, and realized how exaggerating it sounds. Oh well. Something to laugh about in the future.


  1. hello, NOTHING can beat the challenges that i need to face ok. me so sad :'(

  2. yea i know,its so small compared to you strong babe,i feel least we have skype!hehe

  3. hehehe slamat dtang ke dunia lama je zatil

  4. mengada lah kamu! HAHA
    btw.i always love skype.coz iphone doesn't have video call tehehe :p

  5. hahahah yess i know..spoiled too much.isk.
    harini baru start sayang skype.:D tula psl but tau x ade app 3g unrestricted kat iphone?klu xsilap blh buat calls thru skype since 3g unrestricted.HAHA.

  6. ish2 jhtnye bf u tgl u mcm tu je..
    wanna go out with me?!

  7. Hehe at first 1 day seems like an eternity but as you grow together, understand one another, distance becomes easier. A month will then feel like a day.
    It gets much easier every time.



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