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Since the last few days, I've been contemplating on jailbreaking my phone.

Apparently everyone around the globe have jailbroken their iPhones; but here in Japan, I don't know, people around me seems like they don't mind having the expensive applications on their phone, be it games or anything. I thought of jailbreaking my phone for a while last year, but never come to terms with having a phone completely free of any paid apps.

Recently I've been chatting with a person who's in Japan and jailbroken his phone, and I don't know, I am so tempted to do so.

To those who doesn't know, jailbreaking allows iPhone and iPod touch users to run unofficial code on their devices bypassing Apple's restrictions by its official distribution mechanism, the App Store. Once jailbroken, users can download many applications previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia, Icy, etc. It sounds heaven to us, especially when you've been eyeing the Jap-Eng Dictionary app on App Store worth 2000 yen since months ago, and been waiting ever since for the price to drop but it didn't. It is still freaking 2000 yen. Ugh.

Jailbroken iPod touch. Notice the difference?

Whoever the Dev Team(the team that made jailbreaking possible in iPhone's world) is, I love you.

But up until now, I still don't have the courage to jailbreak my phone. I've downloaded the software needed, read through every single step to jailbreak the phone, almost remember them by heart, read all the articles on the web about "iPhone" and "jailbreaking", asked everyone I know about jailbreaking and still I'm so scared of putting my phone on the risk of being broken.

I know jailbreaking can give me a whole other experience on having and using an iPhone, but as I read the articles and websites there are still cases on the people who've done it and not successfully get their phone safe and sound. That's what scares me.

What if I jailbroke it and it won't power on? What if I followed the instructions wrong? What if I have to buy another phone cost 200 dollars?

I am so paranoid, I know.

iPhones have come a long way - I've been using it since August last year, and till now I can see a lot of differences and improvement since it was first launched. When I first used it, it would take hours just to back up the phone's content at iTunes. Hours, really. And another hour just to download apps in the phone. Mine have crashed a lot of times; especially when I was using Safari while the playlist running, when I was playing games, etc etc. You people who've just used it are pretty lucky, the first time my phone crashed I almost had a heart attack.

But thanks to Apple, it is now better than ever. Yay for technology. Seriously.

I stumbled upon(okay not really, searched for it) this video, and I think by watching this everyday it might help me building the courage to do it.

So, for now, help me please. Jailbreak or not?
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  1. go for it!

  2. babe..i pun bimyou nk jailbreak ke x?sme cm tkt sbb i ni lglaa buta bab2 cmni...tggu azam dlu then bru i pk kot..haha..

  3. iphone anon : yeah im still considering,60% is doing it ;)

    rehann : kannnnn tu lah sini i dont know who to refer.cuak gile nak buat sendiri -_-

  4. u try tny bebdk nagoya kot...diorg cm advance jerr...haha...ssh btol la buta bab2 cmni...nk buat tp takoottt...hehe..

  5. bdk nagoya tte?onna ke otoko?cam dah ramai je pakai iphone paper hbs tomorrow so nak try lah :) tapi still cuak la.

  6. oo..exam ke...gudluck babe..ejat dh jailbreak plus unlock datte...try la tny..nnt i tny u lak..hehe..



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