the one with the favorite quote.

I love Photobucket. The site has everything.

"That, my friend, is what they call a closure" - Rachel, Friends.

I just love the phrase :)

Twitter bengong last night, I was trying to upload a background for the page but it kept changing to the default one.

Tonight we had a birthday celebration party, together with a japanese girl who later told us she went to a party the other night and kissed a canadian guy.
She said that she's been feeling unwell since then. Sore throats.

We were freaking out like mad.

And everyone's resort was to get a mask asap.

And now Japan has the highest rate of increase of the swine flu in Asia.


Kansai is so damn dekat la wey.

Jua, ki wo tsukete -_- Saitama has its first case today. And Kanagawa.

Take care people.

I didn't watch American Idol this season. Not even once. I think that has got to be some sorts of record. And so I don't know Adam Lambert or Kris Allen, sorry.


  1. aww,i will dont worry :)
    if pape jd ak inform korg ok?he he he
    u tcre too!

  2. what is it about wif this twitter madness?? best sgt eyh?
    haih...i cant keep up with nowadays social networking! im a dork! :P

  3. pena,go and make an account,reallyy worth it :)
    haha ive been their promoter for a while now..seriously.addict madness.



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