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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

30 things i learned from my mother.

1. Never drink ice lemon tea too much.

2. How to drive a car.(seriously)

3. Don't stay too long in your room when there are guests in the house.

4. Talk politely to neighbors eventhough they're being rude to you. Just smile.

5. Sit on the sofa like a woman, not an alien.

6. Stay strong.

7. Cook even if you don't know how to. Just try. It'll come to you.

8. Always, always pray. God would always help.

9. Be patient when your kids drive you crazy.

10. Try not to be out after 7 pm, it's not nice for a girl.

11. Don't play with a guy's feelings, it'll turn bad. Karma happens.

12. Be sure with your heart.

13. Never ever chase a guy, let them chase you no matter how bad you want him. (obviously that's not how she told it)

14. How to love a person.

15. How to love your family.

16. Sacrifice.

17. How to make maggi.

18. How to pick good chickens and veggies.

19. Money doesn't matter when it comes to your loved ones.

20. Never leave your house without lipstick on. And face powder.

21. Don't get too work up over silly things.

22. Don't get mad. When you do, smile.

23. Every woman should know how to drive when they reach 19.

24. Every woman should work even after they get married, for their ownselves.

25. Never bonceng a guy's bike.

26. How to work a washing machine.

27. How to vote for AF contestants.(pfffft)

28. To always come home whenever I want to.

29. How to spend intelligently. (forgive me, mum)

30. To take very, very good care of family's name and heritage.


  1. cantik la lps ni 46 things i learn from my charming bf plak yeaaaayyy


    do yours first.then ill do mine.:P

  3. 27. How to vote for AF contestants
    ahahaha lawak

    ske no 8 and 22

  4. i like no 5,8 n 27 :]

  5. wait.
    why NEVER drink ice lemon tea too much?

    my fav tu.wuaa :((

    tell me tell me!

  6. because lemon tea is one effective way to diet,and i was so bloody skinny back then that my mum was worried id get skinnier -_- she wants her daughter to be fat!hmph.

    tp tula skrg bantai je minum,its my fav too :)


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