I don't know why tonight I have this sudden curiosity to learn a bit about history, after living all these years without much knowledge about it.

So I spent the last few hours watching videos of discoveries on Youtube including JF Kennedy and his brothers' assassination. Mind-blowing.

And by now, I know all about Adolf Hitler. And I mean ALL.

Bloody mind-blowing-ness.

God I seriously feel like throwing up now.

Why baca? Why tengok? Whyy?

I feel numb.

If I get to choose, I'd rather be the ignorant person than having all this horrible things stuck in my head.

I feel numb.


  1. i'm always interested in history but never really get the chance to read about it. hitler reminds me of valkyrie (the movie). i had no idea what it's all about and my bf was so surprised that he decided to explain almost everything possible about hitler. at that moment i was just glad for being ignorant :P

  2. hahahah me too!i just wish i didnt go and watch and read all that stuff..its really disturbing.(im trying hard not to google the valkyrie movie you mentioned..sigh)

    curiosity killed the cat.

    moral of the story,never ever try to learn about history again.

  3. owh, the movie xde ape. valkyrie is just the name of the project/attempt nak bunuh hitler. go watch it, tom cruise babe! :)



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