it was all yellow.

"I swam across, I jumped across for you
Oh all the things you do
Cause you were all yellow"

Dah ade Blogger Mobile yay!

And my PC's speed is improving. Tahniah.

They saw my bike today, and they liked it :) Haha.

I think most of the time I do things out of curiosity.

And did I mention I hate seizu? Got home at 1915 today. Sheesh. I want to skip Thursdays :(

Btw there was a loud sound coming from dai today, as soon as I reached home. The noise was so loud, like an earthquake or something like that. I seriously thought it was a minor jishin, but actually a major to us here since there's hardly any jishin occurred in Hiroshima. Turns out it was only a guruh, kott, tapi bapak ah kuat gile bunyi siap gegar2 lagi.

Just Dance is unique so I like it but trying to do it is challenging.

And my bestfriend somehow made everyone believed I'm getting engaged this coming summer hahaha :P Well that girl can talk anyone into anything. Countless of private messages on YM last night. Sigh.

Did I mention how much I detest this particular kamoku?


So apparently I still haven't gotten over it yet. -_-


  1. dia sudah mahu berkawin....hehehehe..
    lepas kan le dia dr wallpaper ko....

  2. tak bleh :( tgkla smpi bile berthn.hahaha



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