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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Today I just found out I failed a paper because I didn't take the saishi. Because I'm so genius I thought there were no saishi since sensei didn't mention any of it.

Genius? Yeah.

If I had passed the paper I won't have to take an extra credit for next sem. Save self a few hours a week.

And my result would have been so much prettier.

And the swollen doesn't get any better, but it doesn't get worse so I don't know if I should be glad or not. I wish I can take the picture and put it here so everyone can see how miserable it is, and how miserable I am :(

Stupid saishi. Stupid swollen sheesh.

I failed a paper, I'm broke, I have a swollen thing on my body and my feet are turning red after days of going out to town.

Can it ever get any worst than this.


  1. hey babe.chill :)
    atleast its just one paper.n plus,u guys do have SAISHI!ughhh.ak jeles btol lah dai2 yg ade saishi ni.knape tak same je sume dai?so unfair!grrr.
    anyhoo,cheer up okies? xoxo-jua

  2. tu lah,my senseis sume tak buat saishi except sensei tu je..mau nye tak nyesal.pfft.frust gila.
    btw,our course is same kan?kagaku kan?haha!jannah pun!:)

    thanks babe :) luv ya girlfren.

  3. yess,same hehehe.we cn actually work at the same place pffft!haha,imagne dat!i cant wait for these 2years to be gone.seriously,i gve up studying already.its so much work n very tiring.sighh.i wanna travel down thr somewhere this year,can or not?hehehe.we have so many things to update laa weh!i lost all phone numbers :( ring me sometimes ok? love u too!

  4. tulahh!hahaha
    if we could i just want to go back home already.doesnt matter kerja or not,i can be a housewife hahaha.ehh go lah i plan nk pegi hawaii(konon) tapii still tak baito2 lagi.haih.where dya wanna go?sighh we NEED a major update session!
    i will i will how come hilang num?keitai hilang ke?
    okay tk care juaa!luvs :)


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