and there i sit.

Aril was voted out last week. Now that he's gone, I doubt I'm ever going to watch AF again after this. Bodoh lah.

I don't feel like blogging lately.

Reached home at 1830 gurai, sebab sensei seizu lambat kasi klua. And someone told us the juicy-est gossip ever. I don't know how I'm gonna face him ever again -_-

I'd prefer not to think about where my kenkyushitsu would be, or what course, what lab. I don't want to think about it yet. Not now.

I want to read Sylvia Plath. Can anyone buy the book for me? I'm too lazy to wait for Amazon.

Am waiting.
Am waiting.

Phone buat hal :(

Been missing so many games. I can't even remember when was the last time I watch sheesh.

I'm letting go of the taikai's jersey. Too big. I thought of altering it but not enough time, I'd have to try out the cutting on other shirt first, it's taking too much time. Despite how much I liked the jersey.

Thank God next week tuka sensei.

Thank God for shutting them up.

And it's getting colder. Again. I don't know which to prefer - hot or cold. Burn or freezing.

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