I, now officially belong to the '21 and above' group. If such a thing even existed. I hate it.


I don't like the number 22, to tell you the truth.

Sidek or Basha or someone : So cane rase jadi 22?
Me : Ntah.

I lied. Aku tak suke. But a girl's gotta grow up, right? So live with it je lah.

He threw me a birthday party :) It wasn't really a party, though, since the number of people invited was small. Blame him for the late call. But it was nice, I feel like I am surrounded with my beloved ones :) Thank him for the efforts.

Sidek I just realised there's just one picture of you during the party :( Sorryyy I know I promised to take over your SLR taking photos but I'm afraid it'll break or fall or something like that. SLR is quite heavy, people.

But the pictures are superb I love!

Thank you thank you :)

He gave me the perfect present. I don't know what I did to deserve it.

And my mum sent me a birthday gift with a bithday card.

She is very funny.

To think about it, about the 22 years I've been living, I never want to change any part of it. I was always on my what-ifs phase, I regret things I didn't do, I hated some parts in my life that just didn't go my way. But now looking at it I feel like I'm wasting all those times away when I should just be content and happy.
I have everything I want; love, joy, friendships, and maybe success; here and there.
Maybe not the perfect life, but it is quite perfect for me.
For that, I am grateful.

Okay. So here comes the list.

To Be Completed Before 25
1)get a kitten, long furry in white
2)CUT HAIR. At least a few inches so it doesn't touched my bum
3)get a new haircut. And change color. I get bored easily
4)gain a few more pounds
5)lose a few more pounds on arm, please
6)play guitar in front of more than 10 person
7)have a few of 10k in account(sigh)
8)already a graduate
9)get rid of a few of the handbags, get a decent one
10)get a part-time job

I don't know I suddenly feel the need to make the list, like an adult should make one so I have to. It doesn't make sense, I know.

Looking back, I just realized sometimes my posts sounded melancholy. A lot, maybe.


  1. atin yuhuu~

    epi belated bday!igt je bday ko tp xtau nk wish celah mne.neither fs nor fb am i a 'kipas-susah-mati' here goes d wish~

    alles gute zum geburtstag =)

  2. hehehe thank youu!:)

    tk care girlfriend :)

  3. atil!!! sori lambat wish.. so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! bile nak dtg kecni? ;;)

    take care!
    salam :)

  4. fadly!!thanks! :)

    nak pegiii tp tu lah kesuntukan mase.haha.tamak betul sume tmpt nak pegi.AND takde duit :(

    kau bile nak dtg sini??visit la aku ngan sue.hehe.

    tk care :)

  5. hehehe di manakah gmbar romantik ko dgn bf anda...penat tngkap wei...xtayang yerk

    *innocent face*


    wei letak kat facebook cukup segan dah wei.



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