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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

three years and counting.

It was our 3rd year anniversary on 20th March :) Three years. My longest real relationship ever.

He made a picture book of me :) Thank you!

Yes we are boring like that.


  1. sure hepy for u both too =>
    eyp im plannin 2 tour japan end of next yr! dalam plan la b4 going back 4 gud,, teha kate nak ikot ,,ntah..
    hopfully :))

  2. ooo smlm aku dtg ko sorok yerk buku tu....result toeic tayang plak...hehehehe

  3. yahahaha mari mari ke korea ..dunia si pembeli belah

  4. chikorn : nak dtg sini??yay!aku free je :) dtg la dtg la.ajak teha skali.tau.

    sidek : hahaha tak tayang la.kene simpan buku tu,private ;)

    neng : aku dah tobat.sori ye. ;)


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