Now Listening To Kuroi Namida by Anna Tsuchiya.

I think Anna Tsuchiya is a beauty.

How can anyone be so much in emosi?

And he gave a link to Posh's horror picture of her boney neck. Thank you la banyak-banyak, now I can never rest without glancing over my own to check. Sheesh.

I now have two pairs of skinny jeans that I love, finally :) Dah dah jangan memandai nak browse dah, you'll regret it I mean it.
I think I need to be patient till next month, till we're back from Korea, till class starts.

We didn't took any picture, it just hit me. There were a lot of jalan and window shopping and eat :) Nagoya was awesome I found Juicy Couture's sweaters and Betsey Johnson's bags at Osu Walk. But had to let them go considering the trip planned though they were at 40% off -_-

When we went to the Kashmir restaurant, the waiter dared to touch my hand and said "makan lah". I don't know why it bothers him so much that I don't eat much, but to touch my hand??

I'm never going there again. Or maybe he was just being friendly, but still. Oh and I met our former Head Girl there with her friends. I don't think we ever talked at school but she knows my name.

The list. For tomorrow.

I wanted to add more but no spaces left. Ade ke. Punye lah banyak white spaces tuh. Hantu punye app.

I found Anna Tsuchiya's ad for Edwin's Vienus jeans. The jeans are seriously the best, I think even better than Levi's, kot. Lawa gile the pictures don't do it justice.

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