and they just have to go.

We had our goodbyes tonight. It was nice. I never thought I'd be so well connected with senpais like this but we sure had our good old times.

I hope you'll have a very bright future ahead of you :) Omedetou!

It freaks me out that I have two more years to go. It's not going to be easy, I know.

Since when everything's turned to be so hard?

An engineer.

I want to kerja at pelantar minyak :) Despite the rumors about being busy and not home two weeks a month. I think I can cope with that, because dapat duit banyak. Gile mata duitan.

"I hope my future husband won't let me work after marriage"

I want to work! At least for a good few years.

Flight in the evening. See you after five or six days.


  1. mata duitan is good!!hehe

    haish...takut nk kerja..u noe, housemanship is all about being at the bottom of the chain, and kene marah all the time..
    nnt specialist marah, what??u dont know this??which uni u graduated from?

    all i heard from the seniors yg keje kat hospital, all said, kene byk2 bersabar, and tahan telinge kene marah...adush....
    2years left, sempat nk built kesabaran :P

  2. seriously,working freaks me not ready yet.

    why do these ppl have to be so scary??

    but i know youll do just fine :) compared to me lah kan.haih.


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