diamonds in the rough.

One thing I absolutely love about an autobiography is the pictures. The unpublished ones. Gile cute.

I think the book is awesome though I just started reading, and now cannot put it down weh. First chapter was thrilling; I think I've seen football in no way like I see it now. Or maybe it's just the footballer's wife.

Maybe he couldn't take the penalty. Maybe he couldn't make the goal. But he doesn't deserve the abuse, nor did his family. Especially the wife and the kids.

I'd say to him I won't mind if he ended up as a footballer. But now I'm not so sure anymore.


  1. mana dpt buku ni..haha aku obsess gak dgn victoria...

  2. amazon lah mane lg.
    ape ni weh study2. ;)

  3. haha saje je...wei2 ko training guitar skrang...ingat ko dah le ada hutang main dgn aku...kang aku tmbah utang nk usha buku tu plak kang..yeay merdeka..
    wlaupn aku tau aku akn kcewa bile amik result tp aku pduli apa sekarang...yg penting kita enjoy dlu skrang...

  4. hahah yela2 tak bagi can langsung cis ;)
    bile nak pegi shinai ym aku k.
    available before bln 3.



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