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My weight became an issue for the millionth time yesterday.

"Have you put on some weight??You looked different, in a good way"
"Haa bagus la dari kurus macam dulu"

I know back then I was so skinny macam orang tak makan nasi. But is it so different that every single person I just met just have to point it out?

Back then I had never been sensitive with what I ate or how much I consumed. Veggies are not compulsory. Mum has never been obsessed with feeding us with the particularly perfect nutrient, just a bit green here and there is enough. Of course there were lectures everytime we have chips overload or no rice at all in one day but KFC and nuggets are fine the way it is. McD is a bit unwelcomed in our house though, but we quickly fill up its space with everything from KFC and instant fries and Ramli's burgers. I remember staying up late watching movies with sisters and we made burgers without salad and tomatoes, nuggets and fries and eat while watching the movies till early morning.

Funny how things've changed.

I need to consume more protein, less sugar and less caffeine. Apparently, now, I am 10% water and 90% caffeine.

Had a sudden crave for mayonnaise salad :( Mine has never been as good as a decent one. I need more green in this house.

This is random. "Why do you girls like to compare?"

I'm not comparing. I'm not that low. But of course when we looked at our friends, who've just started dating, received all the sweet lovey-dovey things sweet gestures from the boyfriends of course we'd have that sense of longing to be in that time, that place again. Kan? So there's no wrong in merely mentioning it. Not asking for it. Kan?

That's not comparing.

So I am sorry.

End of discussion.

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