I have so many things to say. But I honestly don't know if they're something that actually matters to some people.

Choose to skip this, if you may.

It hit me so hard that I am always so freaking far away from people that were once closest to me. Searching for comfort from strangers when I had those closest who would feel more than welcome to lend me their ears and thoughts. It's funny that I felt the need to be so far away when I should be nearby.

I have no one to blame but myself.

I should've seen this one coming. I should've been the one to stay beside and give all the comfort I could give - but I chose to refrain. What kind of a person does that?

It's been so long, I'm so blind.

I am sorry.

I want to give her a hug. If I could.

I wish she'd know how much I felt; how heavy it was, but now all I can do is making up for all the time we've lost. Maybe it'll all work out after all; and we'll be able to put the past behind us and move on.

For that, just know I'll always be here. And you can count on me.
Thank you for holding my hand throughout the years.

Here's for the years to come.

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