the end of an era

 I thought long and hard about this. But somehow, my instinct is always right, so I believe that this is what I’m meant to do..

I know I’d miss a lot of things. I’d miss sending these little rascals to school. I’d miss fetching them from school. I’d miss spending my afternoons just listening to them telling me how their school went. I’d miss fetching Rayyan at the door, with his big smile and “hello mommy, I’m back!” remarks. I’d miss Rafiy coming home by bus and saying goodbye to his other friends. I’d miss my afternoon snuggles with baby girl. I’d miss..

These kids. Oh, my heart. 

Dear God, please always put them under Your care. Please surround them with goodness and kindness, one that can replace mine for them, for I would not be able to be with them always. Please make this sacrifice worthwhile.

I love you ten thousand and one, my little rascals❤️

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