Second pregnancy : my labor story

Realized I've been procrastinating on this for quite a while now (compared to the first pregnancy).

Shouldn't be that long, don't worry. There won't be 3 parts I promise, haha.

(My labor story for first pregnancy can be read here, here and here. Caution : quite long!)

So I started my leave around 2 weeks before my due date because I needed to rest and focus on labor. Having the first child around means more energy needed to entertain him too, hence I've been feeling quite lethargic for weeks, not to mention the back pain T.T

Managed to do mani pedi and had a girly day out with Jannah just a few days before I felt the contraction. Which I'm so thankful about. (When Jannah found out I delivered she freaked out, saying "thank God it wasn't during our date!" LOL)

Tips : Get the chance to do some pampering before the due date (or way earlier, if you feel like delivering sooner) because once the baby comes, there's 44 days of pantang and you'd regret seeing your nails so unkept. #truestory

Saturday, 13th May 2017

Went to gynae's appointment for 38 weeks checkup. The doctor did the ultrasound check and cervix, and told me the dreadful sentence,

"Still a long way to go. Lambat lagi baby nak keluar ni"

And my hope to deliver sooner went down the drain (just like it did during Rayyan's time). Prayed hard for the Braxton Hicks I've been feeling since a few weeks ago to at least dilate my cervix a feww centimetres, but no.

She set us up for our next appointment on 23rd May, the due date.

Sunday, 14th May 2017

Nothing unusual. Went to Putrajaya for the husband's office barbeque party to send off his Japanese managers back to their country. Had fun.

Monday, 15th May 2017

Nothing unusual. Spent some alone time at home while Rayyan was at his nursery, went to 7E to get some icecreams (had major cravings for them), had lunch, watched a little bit of Prison Break and The Big Bang Theory.

But in the evening (OK guys sod off, this info is strictly for girls only) after the husband got home, I left Rayyan with him, took my Tanamera VCO and did perineal massage (girls Google if you don't know what it is). All I was thinking was OK I have one more week before the due date, the least I could do is making it easier for the baby to come out. (This time, there's no stairs for me to climb like the first pregnancy to help expedite my labor T.T)

Spent about 15 minutes and even drank the VCO (one full spoon - I was impressed at my ability to tahan the smell haha)

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

4 am

At 4 am, I was woken up - by a sharp pain just below my belly. It comes and goes at a certain time frame - and felt reallllyyyy familiar.

Took my phone and started timing the contractions. 10 minutes apart..5 minutes apart..

Crap. It's real.

Woke Shahrul up and told him I was having contractions.

"Is it real? Nak kena pergi hospital dah?"

So I told him to get showered and ready. At 5 am, I felt some tingly sensation down there, after a 1-minute intense contraction (most painful!) and touched my nightgown. It was my waterbag. My water just broke.

"OK no time to get showered, just get ready to go to the hospital"

So in a flash, we got ready with my hospital bag, some food, and Rayyan's bag for the nursery. His teacher was willing to take him in at 6 am, which we were so thankful about. Sent him off and off we went to the hospital.

7 am

Reached the emergency. Could barely walk by then, this time I felt the contractions were really painful FML T.T Why do people say it gets easier the second time?!

Wheeled into the labor room and the nurses started prepping things (and me). I told them my water had broke. Then one of the nurses checked my cervix.

"Baru 3 cm dilate. Sabar ye"

WHAT. The. My water broke, shouldn't it be at least 6 cm?!

 To be continued, Rafiy just woke up. Sorry will do part 2 soon!


  1. Rafiy is such a sweet name :) tabarakallah Zatil!

  2. Haaa yeke worse how?! 2 years is such a long time XD

    I feel the same. Gonna retire after 2 kids haha.



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