my labor story : Part 2

25th February 2015

12.00 pm

On the way home from my visit with the gynae, I told a few friends and family members about my situation.

Some of them said,
"Why don't you try walking up the stairs, or just walk around the house? It might help ease your labor and open the cervix, I've heard"

To be honest, I've heard the advice countless times already - to induce labor naturally, you've gotta be active and walk as much as you can.

So guess what?

I freaking took the stairs. All the way up to 10th floor to our apartment.

Didn't know how I still manage to breathe after finally reaching our unit. Shahrul obviously was home earlier (he took the elevator, leaving me all panting to our floor pfft) and was surprised as soon as he saw me.

"You really took the stairs??"

He thought I couldn't do it. So much for being a good birth partner..

Told the husband that if he knew how to check my cervix, I'd have him check mine by then to see if the method works lol.

I really didn't know where the determination came from, but I really really just wanna give birth!

And contractions (mild, moderate, I don't know) just kept on coming (albeit irregular).

6.00 pm

Was still at home, having contractions. Tried brushing them off (still not regular yet hence not real contractions) by walking around the house, surfing net on the laptop, sorting out baby's clothes etc. Spent some time reading Quran especially Surah Maryam to help take my mind off things and just focus on the special event in two days.

At one point, I even thought about having KFC and McD burgers tomorrow (Thursday) because come Friday, we'd have to go for labor and I'd have to start watching what I eat. Friends told me to have that one day to rest, spend some time with my husband and eat whatever I wanted.

7.00 pm

Shahrul got home from work. By this time, I noticed the pain was getting sharper at my lower abdomen - sort of like period pain, only it came with backpain, which is worst. I had to stop what I'm doing every few minutes to take deep breaths to help counter the pain I was feeling.

Real contraction must be a hard ass, I thought, if this were mild or moderate contractions.

Shahrul asked me what I wanted for dinner. Thought for a bit and decided to go to a nasi lemak place near our house which we frequent quite a lot before, because I really love their nasi lemak. And their sambal is a bit spicy, which I read spicy things supposedly can induce labor.

So we went.

10.00 pm

Resting at home in front of the TV with the husband, as usual. Except that I was already borderline panting because of the contractions. By this time, the contractions timer app already shows the contractions coming at 20 minutes interval. I was so confused, should I just go to the hospital now?

"Can we trust this app?? Is this real?"

Haha. I knew I'd have to go to the hospital if my water breaks, or if there's any bleeding, but neither happened - only contractions, which I wasn't sure if it was bad enough since I have low tolerance for pain.

11.00 pm

Told Shahrul screw it, I want to go to the hospital now.

"I don't care, if we have to induce tonight then we will"

26th February 2015 

12.00 am

Reached the hospital. After checking in at admission, the nurse came with a wheelchair to take me to the labor room (my first time being wheeled lol). 

Since it was midnight, there weren't that many people at the hospital so we get to have a quiet environment in the labor room area. The midwife asked me to lie down on the bed, started setting up the CTG monitor on my belly and checked my cervix.

"Ooh, your cervix is 3 cm dilated now,"

(to be continued, Rayyan just woke up. Again. I underestimated my labor story - really thought it'd be short! Sorry T.T)

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