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my labor story : part 1

My confinement lady has just left, my Mum is in the living room sweeping the floor and Rayyan is taking a nap after his 30-minutes breast milk supply.

(Yes, I breastfeed now. Still can't believe I'm one of those mothers; I used to think nursing a baby and me are not meant to be. Shall elaborate on that topic soon)

So I guess here is my labor story. Quite simple I think.

24th February 2015

2.00 pm

Was resting at home when I felt sharp pain in my lower abdomen, sort of like the period pain I've been getting everytime that time of the month comes. It comes and goes; sharper at one time and less painful at the other - but my aunt says real contraction will be in constant intervals i.e. 5 minutes so she advised me to time the contractions.

Used a contraction timer app, and true enough - it wasn't real contraction because the intervals kept changing. Nevertheless, it was painful!

25th February 2015

9.00 am

Had my weekly appointment with my gynae. This time, I was already at 39 weeks and 5 days - so I was expecting some (good) news from the gynae e.g I'm ready to give birth or if I could be admitted on that day.

Went into the doctor's room. My gynae is very professional, and a strict one at that - she's the kind of gynae you wouldn't want to mess with. So our visits would usually be kept super short and straight forward.

She asked me to lay on the table bed with ultrasound monitor and checked the baby's heartbeat, size and weight.

"Your baby is full term already. He weighs almost 3 kg now, quite big for your size! You must be restless by now"
Way to state the obvious.

She checked my cervix. It was my second time - she wore a latex glove and put her fingers into my private part and sort of poking something inside with her fingers. It wasn't so painful as opposed to what I've heard about nurses and doctors checking our cervix dilation - she did it slowly and gently, hence why I didn't feel uncomfortable.

Already knew my gynae is awesome.

Then, she said,

"Cervix jauh ke belakang lagi ni. Tak bukak lagi. Your cervix needs to be positioned much at the front before it can open"
"Lambat lagi ni baby nak keluar"

I felt like crying. There's no way I could wait any longer; my backache and the mild contraction I felt since the last 2 days were too much for me.

So she gave me an option, to induce labor on my due date which is on 27th February, means two more days for me to bear. I knew inducing labor would mean forcing my cervix to open and deliver; or worst case if the induction pill didn't work, we'd have to do C-section instead.

I agreed to the induction, but was scared that things might not turn out right and I'd have to do C-section instead looking at my current cervix position still so posterior. Was so frustrated because I've been having the painful 'mild' contractions - they're supposed to open my cervix at least 1 cm!

Shahrul told me he doesn't mind; he'd leave the decision ultimately to me (since I'm the one who'd be pushing a human being out of me hmph), so I told the doctor we'll induce on my due date. She gave us the admission form and arranged for us to come on 27th February, 8.30 am.

So we went home, telling our friends and family that the baby will come out on my due date in 2 days.

(to be continued, Rayyan just woke up)


  1. i want moreeeeee haha. cant wait to rwad full story

    1. Haha kena bersabar. Will post part 2 soon insyaAllah T.T

  2. Tak sabar nak tahu full story jugak. Can't believe Zatil yg kecik comel ni dah jadi ibu. Nanti cerita la perasaan 1st time holding your baby and (sorry, anon curious psl perasaan ibu2) bf their babies for the 1st time.

    1. Alamak bab breastfeeding ni naive sgt haha! InsyaAllah will do :)


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