Getting recognition

Last few months, I received an email from my boss.

He said the company is sending some nominations for this particular award in Malaysia, and I'm one of the nominees.

I remember the feelings I had back then.

Truth be told, just over a year ago I read an article about the award by this well-known organization in our industry, IChemE (Institute of Chemical Engineering). I stumbled across the article of my colleagues was one of the finalists for a particular category, Young Chemical Engineer in Research award. (I made a point to read chemical engineering-related articles once in a while just so I don't forget my degree haha) I remember feeling so envious of him for being recognized by a well-known organization, and very proud at the same time that one of our own was the finalist.

Little did I know, a year later, my name was there, just like his.

So..upon finding out, I was nervous. The next coming weeks, I had to go through several review sessions within the company with some of the top management - which was one of the shittiest moment of my life. The requirement was very stringent so they had to make sure I was really competent, which at some point I almost gave up T.T

When those review sessions ended, it was a matter of time before the finalists were shortlisted and announced.

I was one of the 3 finalists!

Went to the awards' night, held at Le Meridien Hotel, KL where the results of the nomination will be announced. There were 10 of us, including the top bosses - even the CEO, Datuk Wan Zul was there too. Was seated at the same table with the bosses. Couldn't eat anything while waiting for the results. The bosses were surprisingly in a good mood - it was, after all, a celebration.

I barely spoke at the table (was feeling nauseous). But I remember one conversation I had with the (top) boss.

"I can't believe I'm missing The Walking Dead first episode of the new season for this event"

No one at the table spoke.

As if by reflex, I nodded (I watch The Walking Dead from the first season till now - thanks to the husband)

Seeing my reaction, he said,

"There! Finally someone agrees with me!"


And that was the only conversation I can remember from that night lol.

So later that night, the winner of my category was announced (my category was announced last lol). I won the second place, Highly Commended, while a lecturer from University of Nottingham was the winner of the category. The result, to me was expected as I was up against PhD holders who have a long list of their own research published - I gave up awal-awal dah haha.

But nevertheless, Alhamdulillah for the recognition. Makes the tears and sweat from the last 4 years of my career worth it. I don't think I've made such impactful contribution to the industry yet - still have a longgg way to go, but this is definitely a start.

It feels surreal.

So glad I've reached at least one milestone in my career before turning 30.


  1. Thank youu Nurul! It's the dress though hehe :)

  2. Zatil!! No wonder mcm ada baby bump in the pic hehe..congratulations!! 2016 is a great year for u =))

  3. Congrats!
    Anon dari dulu ada girl crush on you. Tapi memang patut pon cz you're amazing!



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