my Mother's Day Duck

So it was Mother's Day last weekend. (which was a disastrous one for me, read here)

And albeit all that, guess what I managed to get as a present for myself? 

The Mother's Day dUCkscarves!

Initially, I hinted to my husband about the scarf. Heck, I wasn't even going to get the scarf - but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get the scarf when it comes out T.T The design is too delicious to be ignored.

Then my husband said,

"But you have so many dUCks already?!"


He does have a point, but I was too tired to explain to him that this one is a limited edition, and that I feel like I deserve it. Even if he wasn't going to buy it for me, I'd be content purchasing it for myself - can already picture the twilly wrapped around my bags!

So I made the purchase.

And then..the hell begins.

A few days after the purchase, I checked the tracking status online - but instead, it says the package has reached Penang, for God knows what reason. So I emailed FV on this, even called the CS to query about the tracking number in case they got the record wrong.

The CS said she'll check with their records and PosLaju. A few hours later, I received an email which confirmed it is indeed the correct tracking number provided for my order, and it is indeed a mistake by the courier as my parcel somehow got mixed up with the northern ones FML T.T

So what was supposed to take a mere few days to arrive, took a week plus instead. I didn't mind not getting to wear the scarf on the special day, but I was pissed it took so long when it shouldn't.

Well, life gives you lemons sometimes.

And yesterday, I called the PosLaju again to check on the status as it has not been updated since last week. The staff took my complaint and filed a report and gave a report number, in case I want to check again in a few days. Regardless the pleasant chat I had with the PosLaju staff, I felt hopeless already.

Then in the evening, before going home I received an email saying I have a parcel waiting for me. It was the scarf! Had no idea how the staff didn't manage to track it for me when it's already on its way, but it's PosLaju, so T.T

After all it's been through, it sure feels so worth it. Love the material and design - something I know I will love for a very, very long time.

So that's how I got my Mother's Day Duck.

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  1. I got blue! Cause I have too many pink tudung I think. Hehe. And the blue looks like Tiffany's blue :) So lawa kan? I think it's a smart move to include the twilly, wouldn't have bought it if it was just the scarf XD



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