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WIWT : Tweed

So this was what I wore yesterday. 

It's a top I haven't worn..since pregnancy, I think. Got a love-hate relationship with this one.

The pros of this top :

+ It's made of tweed, so it looks appropriate and chic (think Chanel!)
+ It's soft pink in color with cream-colored sleeves
+ The length of the top covers my bum

The cons of this top :

+ Because it's tweed, it makes the material thicker than any other tops I own
+ Not nursing friendly

Decided to wear it anyway to work. 

Turns out not so bad, because I have aircond in the office and I didn't have to nurse XD Pumping was made possible by lifting up the top haha (TMI sorry). Wore it with dUCkscarves bamboo cotton in French Meringue and a black pants I forgot the brand. The tweed top is from Azorias, my favorite online store when it comes to chic, work-appropriate tops.

This top has officially made its debut in my wardrobe, after so long.


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