Writing for ZALORA

..I know, RIGHT?!

It started months ago, when I received an email from a ZALORA rep - with a 'Collaboration' header. I don't do sponsored reviews where vendors would give free stuff to bloggers to do reviews; I just do the conventional buying-the-goods-from-store-and-review because I think it's a lot more personal and urm, honest.

Since I've experienced online shopping with ZALORA, I decided to do it. After all, it was my own experience. The rep also gave me the topic I found close to my heart (and this blog); to write about bags.

So I did.

Then, just recently I got an email. Found out that ZALORA is looking for contributors for their newly launched online magazine, sort of - where there would be contributors writing about real articles. And these real articles, they get published on their online magazine!

And they want me to be one of the contributors.

For an old-school blogger like me, this sounds like a dream. I had to of course submit an application as per procedure along with some writing sample, so I sent some posts from this blog, which to my humble opinion were decent enough to be in the panel (not easy to find, btw.) I had to submit the first draft too, as the first article to be published if I got the spot. I chose to write about something light - was playing it safe btw haha - and related to Begin Again movie, my current favorite show (because of Keira Knightley).

A few days later, I got the confirmation email. "We thoroughly enjoyed reading your article.." I was accepted!

So yes, my first time having to regularly write something (besides blogging) and having a deadline to meet.

Thank you, ZALORA for the opportunity :) Read my first published article here.

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