WIWT : Seeing Pastels

 So Day 2 of doing this tab. Isn't so bad!

"Cantik seluar awak. Mana beli?"

Felt like pastels today. A colleague asked if the top and pants actually came together in a set, because of the colors haha. But yes I'm loving pastels now! Told her that it's my favorite pants and I have it in another color; which she has noticed too recently.

I was wearing dUCkscarves georgette in Chocolate Cookie Dough, a nude color top from Dorothy Perkins (I got on sale!) and Danielle pants in dusty pink from Azura Azwa. A pastel combination so I thought the scarf would break the color code a bit, which is fine by me.

Told her that when it comes to things I like, I'd buy them in other colors, seeing how difficult it is to come across something I'd truly appreciate. Like this pants.


  1. like this better dari yang zatil pakai prev post. nampak so manis :)

    1. Hi Anon, thanksss! Haha thanks to the pastels :)



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