the liquid I so fond of

Currently, is this.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Haven't you heard? It's a magic liquid.

After deliver (during pantang), I had this phase when my skin is so so good - being confined in a house did some good to my skin, apparently. I hardly had any zit or bump, whiteheads popped out easily when extracted (I have this bad habit of popping them) so there were no major skin troubles to be worried about.

But then it's not like I can go out and show it off T.T

But after almost two months, I noticed bumps started growing at some parts of my face - red, big bumps - and as usual, I waited until they have the "head" I can pop. This would leave scars on my face, I know. But after a few days of waiting, there were no signs of the heads, which left me with big awkward bumps on my face.

Great, it's THIS type of zits. Sigh. I'd prefer the one I can deal with by myself!

The bumps drove me crazy, so when it shows no signs of slowing down - mostly contributed by my hormones, I think, since my uterus is shrinking and I'm breastfeeding and all - I started looking for solutions. My friend suggested this magic liquid because apparently it work wonders on her.

After first apply, I let my skin rest overnight. The next morning I woke up - skin looked so much better; smoother, my uneven skin tone looked even for once and the bumps weren't as big as before.

After a few days, the bumps disappeared - with some scars since I stubbornly tried to pop them and failed. Usually it'd take days and weeks for the bumps to subside, which I'm really annoyed about. They're bloody painful too T.T This liquid, on the other hand, made them smaller in just a few days - I think thanks to their "skin treatment" function.

Minus my scars, skin looks healthier too. One that I've had in years!

Came with quite a price tag though, so once this is finished, I'd re-evaluate first before purchasing - but for this first purchase, it definitely worth the money. I actually look forward to nighttime when I get to use this haha lol.

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