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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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Fendi Karlito obsession

So right before giving birth, (a few days before I think) we, the husband and I took a leap and splurged on the best mobile phone in the universe.

iPhone 6, duh.


iPhone device plays a huge role in our relationship - we both got ourselves iPhone 3g when it was launched in Japan after starting our degree there, when so many of our Japanese friends were still using the 'flip' phone. Japanese, so hard to change their culture. So noting that not many of our friends were using it, we relied on each other to know how to tweak the phone, the best apps, the functional use of the device - we mostly bonded that way.

That was in second year, I think.

Then in final year, Shahrul upgraded his iPhone to iPhone 4, while I was still using the 3g. In fact I continued using even after coming back to Malaysia for good - for a few months until it totally died on me T.T

So the upgrade to iPhone 6 was timely. And my current obsession now? iPhone cases!

Saw this and fell in love.

(source : here)

Who wouldn't want the judgy Karl Lagerfeld face stamped at the back of their phones?

But it costs 600 freaking bucks, so let's just hold our peace.

Someday, when I have loads of money I'd have this made for most of my things - a soft toy of him placed on my work desk would be fun.


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