my first Longchamp

A few days after giving birth, I got a "new baby" present - or rather, a congrats-on-pushing-out-a-human-being present from my aunt - a Le Pliage Longchamp.

It's in blue color, the only blue bag I have in my closet.

And then I remembered - I bought a Le Pliage once, during my trip to Japan, as a gift my mum. And instantly knew why I've forgotten all about it - because she hardly wears it ever since T.T

I never got around with Longchamp bags; even though I see it right front center on my friends. It's a practical bag, yes; but it's so so common that almost everyone I knew wears them. And when it's common..well, it just isn't appealing anymore.

(I'm anal about these things.)

But when my aunt gave me the blue Le Pliage, I'm slowly..converted. My everyday bag nowadays is so much different from life pre-baby - Le Pliage would be useless on me because I used to carry just my purse, makeup bag, and tissues in my bag; but now?

Can fit a few diapers, a cloth change for Rayyan, my purse, small makeup bag, wet wipes, and Rayyan's napkin.

And yes that's the Le Pliage bag in red I bought for Mum a while back. Shahrul was mortified because I asked for it back from her haha.

Oh well..will return it when she finds a good use for it lol.

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