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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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My back is aching so bad right now.

My routine nowadays? Wakes up in the morning, changes Rayyan's diapers, feeds him, gets showered while Mum watches over Rayyan, gets ready for makcik urut to come, Mum goes to work, makcik urut arrives, bathes Rayyan, feeds him some more, makcik urut leaves.

Then, it's all either feeding Rayyan or putting him down to sleep or sleeping while he's sleeping or doing something else while he's sleeping.

That's how pantang goes in my life, so far.

Last Saturday Shahrul sent me and Rayyan to Penang for confinement - since Mum is working and cannot be with us in KL for so long. I insisted on staying because I feel like I can take care of myself on my own - much to Shahrul's disapproval.

"Do you even know how to cook pantang food?"


So much faith in me.

Still, I feel like I've been learning a lot these past few days - after giving birth, Mum has been with us at our house to cook pantang food for me, prepare my herbal bath, prepare my tungku, and so on. Couldn't go this far without her.

Another milestone this morning - I learned how to mandikan the baby. The toughest task, I must say T.T

Before Shahrul returns to KL, I had major meltdown because he's been with me every single step of the way - pre-labor, during labor and post-labor. He wakes up with me in the middle of the night every time Rayyan needs diaper change or milk feed, he goes to the store numerous times already to get anything he feels incomplete, he gets me (and Rayyan) everything we need no matter how small it is. The first week was the toughest for us since we're still adjusting to the new schedule (and new person!)

Now, I can only look forward to Friday before he comes back to see us again.

Rayyan, so far, has been such an amazing baby, MasyaAllah. His routine changes quite often - according to Mum, babies will have different routine as they grow older and bigger. I can never predict what he wants to do from an hour to the next; sometimes he naps long, sometimes short, sometimes he feeds so short and fall asleep almost as soon as I put him in my arms, sometimes he takes an hour to feed before falling asleep.

Didn't feel maternal yet before, but now I can't stop kissing his face. Shahrul likes to tease me on that -_-"

"Haaa maternal dah lah tu"

But before he left us, he kissed Rayyan all over and had tears in his eyes. He cried. I cried too, despite knowing I'll see him again next weekend, it's too much to think my husband will be living alone on his own without us.

We're such sappy parents.


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