the Penang vacation

We stayed at Holiday Inn, Batu Ferringhi and got 2 suites to accommodate my sisters, Mum and brother.

Credits to le sister for planning the family vacation trip, I was quite worried we wouldn't be able to make it since traveling up north from KL while heavily pregnant isn't so wise. But still, I wanted to go since it'll be our last vacation before the baby comes.

So stubborn wins.

The hotel is divided into 2 sections - one section with the restaurant, cafe and pool right by the beach while the other one is connected via a bridge. The latter is for all the suites, I think - and has its own lobby and gym, too.

Activities listed are parasailing, jetski, boats and banana boats. We were interested in walking on the beach watching the sunset instead.

And night market at Batu Ferringhi is just below the bridge in front of our hotel.

I think it was the most fulfilling (does that make sense?) family vacation, so far. It was our first time traveling with toddlers that are little niece and little nephew, too - which makes it a bit different.

Little niece wouldn't stop budging the adults' food every meal time - she just wants adult food, full stop. My sister would order her own food and drink, but still - she wants my juice or Shahrul's burger or my brother-in-law's mashed potato. She still doesn't change.

Little nephew is the cutest thing ever. He just turns 1 (time flies so fast - felt like just yesterday I made his Mum the scrap page) and wouldn't stop budging his Mum for milk, milk and more milk. Sort of like a preview of the future for Shahrul and I haha T.T

Even Shahrul said, in his own words,

"Don't know why but this trip rasa best lah"

That kind of makes me happy.

Spent one whole day exploring streets of Penang, too - will blog soon!

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