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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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sensible shopper.

You know when your shopping habit is somehow noticed by your fellow (male) colleagues, it's time to call a shrink.

Funny conversation I had today.

Colleague : So I went on your site..and so you like shopping huh??



Though I don't really agree, I believe this colleague of mine meant well.

Speaking of which, I'm currently on the hunt for a new bag to replace accommodate my current falling-apart bag - been wearing it excessively since almost a year ago so as a reward for myself I decided to get a new practical bag I can wear for at least years to come; considering how much I'll be traveling for work (Bangi-KL IS considered as traveling).

Which means good, spacey leather bag.

And one that can fit my budget since the fiancé has been scrutinizing my budget plan before getting married. (Marriage sounds like fun..)

So this is the first time I did my research THIS thorough - I mean really - it used to be Google and go to shop and grab kind of impulse buy; but this time since I realized I'm earning with hard work and spending a big chunk of money basically makes me want to cry; I decided to at least make this purchase something I can be proud of in the future.

Done my research; looking up PurseForum a hundred times a day, asking fellow bag-addicts for opinions and finally sent the spreadsheet containing all the points to buy/not to buy to Mr Fiancé aka Mr Manager.

And he returned with this.


Well at least now I have a green light for a hantaran bag! Muahaha.


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