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I was in the middle of Quiet by Susan Cain when I received this book as a gift.

And you know what I realized? That it's been ages since I last enjoyed a chick-lit book; and this sequel to The Devil Wears Prada left this girly feeling in me wanting to re-watch the movie version.

So I ditched Quiet to indulge in a little guilty pleasure of a chick-lit.

With a little extra in it.

I can't remember the last time anyone bought me a book as a gift; so to Kak Ella, thank you for the book! Regardless, it was actually given to me when we were on our way back to Penang for Raya in the hope that I'd be awake, reading while he was driving.

Turns out it took me two months to read it -_____-" In my defense, he was babbling all the way so I didn't really have a chance to read lol.

But ditching a good book (psychology books have never been in favorite list but Quiet made its way in I don't know why) to cheat this gem in is refreshing. I've read Chasing Harry Winston and Everyone Worth Knowing - somehow this book did not remind me of anything by Lauren Weisberger before. Or maybe because it's been way too long since I last snicker at a page of a book.

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