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Was having one of those whatsapp conversations with the bestfriend who missed my engagement last August.

She was working at that time, and apologized profusely that she couldn't make it. So I made her life miserable by confiding all my uncertainties to her, haha.

Just kidding, I was honestly scared and needed someone to rant to.

"My married friend told me she wished she had waited before getting married so soon, she said she missed her single life and felt so unprepared"

That was true, I've heard about it before. How can you NOT be scared after hearing such statement?! Regardless, I was more concerned on feeling unprepared on being a wife and having to be home by 5 to cook and all..but I never thought someone would miss her life before being married. Most of the girls I know would love having a guy to come home to and wake up next to.

Yes, most girls I know are hopeless romantics.

Her answer was simple.

"You know when you get married, all the ibadah you do and deeds are rewarded 3 times higher than before marriage? How can you not want that?"

Now I think I've sort of read that statement somewhere, but I just didn't really pay any attention to it. I was more interested in reading how to choose a spouse, how he must be someone you trust can be the imam in your home, someone who you can trust your heart with and your whole life devoted for, etc.

But this statement from her somehow shut me up on the spot. And I was wondering how silly I was, thinking about how unprepared I am when you're promised all good things just for tying the knot!

MasyaAllah, thank you bestfriend.


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