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my first Vela.

I think I've been obsessing over the Vela scarves more than for a few years now; but back then in uni I just didn't have a pretty solid reason to use up my institution fee the government had generously given me every month (i.e. the scholarship) for a scarf when I still have other perfectly decent scarves to don to the classes.

So I was obsessed, I had their designs in my mind but it was kept just in this blog and nowhere else. I even sometimes tied my scarves the Vela style - made famous by their own Marwa Atik, and I thought, hey at least I survived with the Vela style even during uni. It's the most comfortable for me, without having to risk tassles of scarves flowing all over your head. (I gave up on Hana Tajima's)

Fast forward 2 years later, I graduated and came back home for good.

Got a pretty decent job.

Discovered Vela has upgraded their shipping policies and is shipping to Malaysia now. Discovered I've saved up more money for these - and finally decided to buy!

It was quite hard to choose from the many designs; but for me I've ruled out black and other striking colors as I know I'll be wearing the scarf a lot at the office. It came down to whites, pastels or blue - and I chose this one.

The package took less than 2 weeks to reach me, and the material is as good as the picture suggested. Am not disappointed for sure!

Head over to their website if you're interested. This print (from the webbed edge range) has sold out and not on their website anymore though; but I'm currently eye-ing the snake print scarf which is annoying because apparently it's everyone's favorite and has sold out, too.


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