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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

first day in Tokyo.

Scheduled to reach Haneda Airport almost midnight, so he took a flight from Fukuoka earlier to fetch us at the airport.

We took a hotel near to Haneda for the sake of easy transportation since Mum is coming too, and we didn't want her to hop on and off trains a lot. Sunline Kamata was on a discount rate compared to others and considering how close it is to the airport (took a 20-min bus ride, walked a bit from Kamata Station to the hotel) we figured it's the best choice since we didn't want to spend much money on hotels but rather on other things. Knowing Japan, almost all hotels (low and higher rate) are at par with best quality hotels - it's up to you to know which one suits your needs best.

(Also, please make sure your hotel got wifi. This hotel doesn't have one. I KNOW, I barely survived there)

Had a good night sleep (bless Japan and its comfortable beds) and ready for the next day. Took Mum to Asakusa (been there last trip) cause she wants to see everything Japanese - temple and sorts. Yes, quite demanding, the mother.

 Bought one piece of this adorable outfit for baby niece! Though she still refused to put it on -___-"

 Sensoji Temple.

My two favorite people in the world.

 Of course we had takoyaki, what else.

Next stop was Tokyo Skytree!

Recently opened, it was completed in Feb 2012 so it was our first time visiting the observation tower. Very near to Asakusa as you can just take the Tobu line straight to the place. Last time I went on a tower was Landmark Tower in Yokohama and Tokyo Tower, so I was looking forward to see the hype.

And of course..the shopping mall.

 So many people :O Oh well, what else is new.
Had lunch at one of the many restaurants on 7th floor. Had the shock of my life when we discovered the queue lines outside each restaurant; we had to wait for almost 20 minutes to be seated.


Didn't spend much time at the tower since the tickets were already sold out for the day, so we headed to my favorite place.

 Brought Mum to Shibuya!

 Shibuya crossing.

 Managed to grab a seat at the famous Shibuya Starbucks which faces the remarkable crossing. Had to wait for a while cause God, I think it's out day for everyone in Tokyo.

 Must-go place, Shibuya 109.

Managed to buy some tops there cause I knew I'd regret not buying anything - I've always refrained from buying anything whenever we went there as they are so overpriced, but secretly I really love the stores. So Japanese chic, so cute, so lovely however ridiculously overpriced they are. A top can cost up to 7000+ yen!

Couldn't walk much further cause we were worried that it would be tiring for Mum, so decided to just walk around the Shibuya 109 area. Reminded me of those times when he took me there a few years ago; young and impressionable and naive. 

After years, Shibuya is still my favorite place.


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